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Hitting the Big One
If you haven't experienced orgasm yet, you'll be glad you read this guide to the Big O.

Female Ejaculation and the G spot
That's right girls, we can make the wet patch bigger!

Sex Positions Guide
Woman on top, oral sex, standing up...

The Strange History of the Clitoris
The little man in the boat has an interesting past

Keep Pumping, Seymour!
The Clitoris Pump arrives on the scene (but they're really not my bag, baby!)

Anal Sex: Backdoor Shenanigans
Men love it. So is anal sex for you?

The Sex News
Pervy news items that made us laugh.

Hot Reads
Wonderful Sex Books to entertain and inform you.

The Better Sex Guide
How to make your sex life hot and spicy.

Great Adult Videos for Women
Yes, they do exist!

An Adult Toybox
We look at the most advanced adult toys available for women, including the best electric vibrators on the market.

Hot Centrefolds
Hunky guys strip down for you.

Best Women's Erotica Sites
Great places to find quality porn for women

Sealed Section
Visit our sealed section for centrefolds, erotic fiction, advice on sex positions and women's erotica.

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Thoughts on women's erotica.

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For The Girls
Erotica For Women

Not only does it have naked men and couples pics, there's also a huge archive of fascinating articles and funny columns. Then there's the strip search movies... And the reason I'm recommending it? I own it! I've made sure the whole site meets my exacting standards for good erotica for women - so you know it's a good site! 

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For The Girls

For The Girls is a huge site, by women, for women! You'll love the sumptuously sexy and romantic couples pics!
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