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Erotica for women used to be something of a rarity. Indeed, it's only really been around for the last 20 years or so... Playgirl was a step in the right direction, and so was Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden.

Then came the explosion of literary erotica in the early nineties, and erotic books such as Black Lace emerged to take the place of traditional romances on bookshop shelves. Female writers began writing sexy fiction for a female audience, and compilations such as Herotica hit the shelves.

The big explosion in erotica for women, however, has come via the internet. The anonymous world of cyberspace has allowed women to explore their sexuality and come into contact with erotica like never before.

The net has allowed women to create their own sexually explicit material. This means that porn and erotica can now reflect what women really want to see.

The old saying was that women didn't like porn, that women weren't visual. As it turns out, women LOVE porn and erotica. They're starting to flock to it in droves. But a lot of women want it to be different from mainstream stuff. They want sites that celebrate sex, that feature foreplay, kissing, cuddling and afterglow, they want to see couples looking into each other's eyes. Many women want romance. On top of that, there's often a sense of community. This is why so many women's erotica sites feature chat rooms and advice columns. On top of that, women want to be informed. So a lot of women's sex sites often feature articles on interesting issues, like masturbation, first losing one's virginity, hen's nights, and more.

For The Girls is a perfect example of a women's porn site. Every photo, naked man, movie, and sex story has been carefully chosen and vetted to ensure that women will enjoy it. The sex tries to reflect a female point of view, as do the erotic stories. And the site offers a comprehensive women's magazine as well! For The Girls is currently the most popular erotica for women site on the internet.

A smaller, gentler women's erotica site is This is more a site for those new to porn, who want to be eased into the joys of explicit material without it being in their face. Nice articles, very nice men too.

Riding a wave of fascination in celebrity lives, a large number of "nude celebrity" sex sites are popping up. In the wake of this comes Male Celebrities , the only site of it's kind to feature naked, famous men. While the men are eagerly perving on photos of Jennifer Lopez nude, the women are getting in on the act, keen to check out their latest hero in the buff. These sites often feature movie stills of nude scenes, and the quality may not be the best, but it doesn't stop women from paying to see Ricky Martin nude, a naked Brad Pitt, or a nude David Duchovny. Deep down, women are voyeurs, too.

In the last few years, CFNM sites have been popping up everywhere. CFNM stands for "Clothed Female, Naked Male" and is a common terms for male strip shows. Serial Thrillas is a British site featuring photos and video from real live male strip shows. It's a sort of online "Full Monty", and is proving immensely popular.

An interest in male porn stars is growing. First off the starting blocks is former NASA engineer turned porn star Scott Styles. His website features updated live shows of him and his porn star wife having almost constant sex, along with plenty of naked pics of Scott himself. Obviously it keeps him very busy. Not that anyone's complaining.

Meanwhile, adult webmistresses are busy setting up AVS sites. These offer hardcore porn which can be accessed via a password, obtained through a credit card. Premium women's AVS sites like Pure Cunnilingus, The Cunnilingus Site, Hardcore for Her, Sensual Couples and Big Dick Men are challenging the standard pay sites for women's attention.

Of course, there are free erotica sites for women which offer small numbers of free pics, many censored or of poor quality. Linklists like the Porn for Women Network offer a stepping stone into this growing aspect of erotica for women.

Porn for women is a vital step on the road to equality for women. Erotica for women is a force for social change. Since we'll never get rid of pornography, women's erotica offers the chance to change it, to lift it out of the misogynist gutter and turn it into a celebration of real sex, of real people, and of real relationships. Porn can be redeemed!

If you're interested in checking out a free porn site for women that celebrates sex, visit Sexy Liaisons. It features pics of couples having sex in raunchy situations, and real life stories of affairs and illicit love. If you want to see more romantic porn, visit Loving Couples. And if you want to see the more hardcore side of women's erotica, check out The Cunnilingus Site. Women love oral sex, and there aren't many sites celebrating muff diving, so this is proving to be very popular!

No doubt about it, pornography for women is on the rise, and women should be pleased!

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For The Girls offers photos of REAL SEX!

Real sex has kissing, foreplay, lots of loving cunnilingus, female orgasms and gorgeous afterglow. Real sex DOESN'T have men spurting cum all over a woman's face, or women wearing high heels in bed!

For The Girls is a new erotica site created FOR women BY women who know what we girls want to see - plenty of horny hardcore sex, but with enough respect and romance to keep us interested!

Plus heaps of naked men, sexy movies, male strippers, sex stories, articles, columns, sex advice, humor, games and other fun stuff.

Stop wasting time looking at free sites with crap quality photos! Stop stuffing around looking at "4women" sites that are full of gay pics and gay ads.

For Fun, For Pleasure, For Play.
For The Girls Ezine and Erotica for Women

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Plus there's plenty more full-length DVD quality movies available, as well as access to hundreds of other sites!

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